Developers Information

An engineer evaluation may be required for any lot or property being divided into 2 or more lots or properties, or any lot or property requiring more than 1 standard size meter.  A standard size meter is for 1 residential house.   Any lot or property requesting any size meter larger than the standard size meter may need an engineer evaluation.  An engineer evaluation will be required if there is not a main water line on the property or if there is a capacity issue on the water line.

Developer – Any person, partnership, cooperative corporation, corporation, agency, or public or private
organization who owns land located within the District or the District’s service area(s) who has divided or
proposed to divide the land into two (2) or more parts for the purpose of laying out any subdivision or any
tract of land or any addition to any town or city, or for laying out suburban lots or building lots, or any lots,
streets, alleys, or parks or other portions intended for public use. Or the use of purchasers or owners of
lots fronting thereon or adjacent thereto. See Texas Water Code 13.2502(e)(1) & 49.052(d).

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